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Net Worth $20 Million
Name PrestonPlayz
Date of Birth 4 May 1994
Age 29 Years
Birth Place Dallas, Texas, United States
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Gender Male

Preston Blaine Arsement, known professionally as PrestonPlayz, is a popular American content creator active on various social media platforms like YouTube. PrestonPlayz’s net worth has an estimated total of $20 Million as of 2024. He is widely recognized for his ownership of several well-known YouTube channels, such as ‘PrestonPlaz,’ ‘PrestonGamez,’ ‘Preston,’ and ‘TBNRfrags.’

PrestonPlayz is celebrated for his gaming content, where he streams games like Among Us, Minecraft, and Fortnite. His gaming sessions often feature him playing alongside his celebrity friends in the gaming world, including JeromeASF, BajanCanadian, and Noochm. His entertaining and skillful gameplay has earned him a substantial following and a significant place in the online gaming community.

PrestonPlayz Biography & Education

PrestonPlayz was born on 4 May 1994, his age is 30 Year’s old in 2024. He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, United States, and he still lives there. His nationality is American and his zodiac sign is Taurus. PrestonPlayz is of White descent and he believes in Christian religion.

His early education took place at the Travis Academy of Fine Arts, in Texas, USA, and graduated. However, from a young age, his passion was gaming, and he often preferred spending time playing games rather than focusing on academics. His interest in gaming has been a lifelong pursuit, leading him to become a prominent figure in the gaming and content creation world.

Family, Siblings & Relationships

PrestonPlayz was born to parents David Arsement and Jaye Arsement. His dad, David Arsement, is a businessman, while his mom, Jaye Arsement, works as a realtor.

PrestonPlayz Father
PrestonPlayz with his Father
PrestonPlayz Mother
PrestonPlayz with his Mother

PrestonPlayz has five siblings. His younger half-sister’s name is Keeley Arsement. His two half-brothers named Caleb Arsement and Joshua Arsement. He also has two older brothers named Daka Arsement, and David Arsement.

PrestonPlayz’s relationship status is married as of 2024. He tied the knot in 2018 with his wife, Brianna Paige Arsement. The couple resides happily together in Texas.

PrestonPlayz Wife
PrestonPlayz with his Wife (Brianna Paige Arsement)

Physical Appearance

PrestonPlayz is often described as an attractive and intelligent individual with a charming and respectable personality. PrestonPlayz’s height stands at around 5 feet 9 inches tall and maintains a body weight of approximately 67 kilograms.

Preston possesses a pleasing facial appearance and a well-built physique. He sports short, stylish brown hair and captivating, dark brown eyes that add to his striking and captivating appearance.

PrestonPlayz Net Worth Summary

PrestonPlayz’s net worth has an estimated total of $20 Million as of 2024. His primary sources of income stem from his YouTube channels and various entrepreneurial ventures. Beyond YouTube, PrestonPlayz generates revenue from merchandise sales and live events.

PrestonPlayz has amassed a substantial fortune through his YouTube channel, boasting over 14.7 million subscribers. He also leverages his presence on platforms like Twitch and collaborates with brands for lucrative deals.

Additionally, he operates a merchandise store offering accessories, apparel, and other items related to his channel. Moreover, he’s expanded his reach into the mobile gaming market by developing his own game apps, further diversifying his income streams.


Preston started his YouTube journey in 2012, focusing on Call of Duty. His lively commentary style gained him an audience. In 2013, Minecraft rose to fame, prompting Preston to shift his content. His imaginative Minecraft videos, like “Ultimate Mod Showcase,” attracted a large following.

During 2014-2015, Preston expanded beyond Minecraft, trying out games like Happy Wheels and Terraria. He introduced challenge videos, where he and his friends tackled quirky in-game tasks. However, some viewers criticized his use of “clickbait” titles and thumbnails.

From 2016-2017, collaborations became a staple on Preston’s channel. He partnered with popular YouTubers like MrBeast and Lachlan, diversifying his content with pranks, challenges, and vlogs.

In 2018-2019, Preston’s channel saw remarkable growth. He formed “The ظهور (Zuhoor) Squad,” featuring fellow YouTubers, adding new dynamics to his videos.

Amidst the rise of Among Us in 2020, Preston adapted his content, alongside featuring Fortnite. Despite YouTube demonetization challenges, he continued to offer a mix of gaming content to keep his audience engaged.

In recent years (2022-2024), Preston has experimented with live streams, mobile games, and revisiting old Minecraft series. He stays relevant by embracing new trends while retaining the elements that initially attracted his audience.

This concise summary outlines Preston’s journey from Call of Duty to Minecraft, expanding into collaborations and diverse content formats over the years. It highlights his adaptability to new trends while maintaining his core audience’s interests.

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