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Net Worth $20 Million
Name Fanum
Date of Birth 22 August 1997
Age 26 Years
Birth Place New York City, NY, United States
Zodiac Sign Leo
Gender Male

Fanum, also known as Roberto Gonzalez, is an American social media influencer with a diverse presence across various platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. Fanum’s net worth has an estimated total of $20 Million as of 2024. He is renowned for his YouTube channel called “JustFanum,” where he has gained popularity by creating content, including a series where he tries different deli foods in New York City.

Fanum has collaborated with fellow YouTubers such as ShootEveryone, HankDaTank25, and ImDavisss, which has contributed to his online success. In addition to YouTube, he enjoys a significant following on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and others, where he engages with his audience and shares content across various interests and topics.

Fanum Biography & Education

Fanum was born on 22 August 1997, his age is 26 Year’s old in 2024. He was born and raised in New York City, NY, United States, and he still lives there. His nationality is an American and the zodiac sign is Leo. Fanum is of Dominican descent and he has believes in Christian religion.

For his education, he attended a local high school in New York, and he is pursuing his college degree at a local private university.

Since his childhood, Fanum has been actively involved in sports and various co-curricular activities. He harbored a strong desire to become a well-known celebrity, prompting him to begin his online career early in life.

Family, Siblings & Relationships

Fanum’s father, Mr. Fanum, who works as a businessman, and his mother, Mrs. Fanum, who is a housewife. He also has one sibling, he has brother.

Fanum’s relationship status is unmarried as of 2024. He has not disclosed any specific details about his relationships or dating history, including whether he currently has a girlfriend.

Physical Appearance

Fanum is often described as a young, smart, and handsome individual with a charming and dashing personality. He possesses an attractive physique with impressive body measurements and a standard body type.fanum

Fanum’s height stands at approximately 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs around 71 kilograms. Fanum is known for his stylish brown hair and captivating brown eyes, which add to his overall appeal.

Fanum Net Worth Summary

Fanum’s net worth has an estimated total of $20 Million as of 2024. He’s gained popularity for his YouTube videos. One of his most well-liked series involves him tasting various delicious deli foods in New York City. So, he’s not just a social media personality; he’s also a model and YouTuber who’s made quite a name for himself online.


In the early years, Fanum explored music, writing, and visual arts, gaining recognition through local events. During the pandemic in 2020-2021, they shifted to online platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify to showcase their talent, experimenting with formats to find their niche.

By 2022, Fanum’s burgeoning online presence led to collaborations with other artists and influencers, as well as participation in online events and competitions. This marked a significant step forward in their career. In 2023, the focus shifted towards professional growth, with Fanum enrolling in courses and workshops to refine their skills. They also worked on bigger projects to strengthen their online brand.

Now, in 2024, Fanum stands at the brink of a major milestone. This year, He could achieve success in various fields, like releasing a critically acclaimed album or book, securing a lead role in a play or film, exhibiting artwork in prestigious galleries, or experiencing a viral social media moment leading to mainstream recognition. Additionally, they may embark on tours, performances, or exhibitions across India or internationally, solidifying their presence in the creative sphere.

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