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alan stokes

Net Worth $5 Million
Name Alan Stokes
Date of Birth 23 November 1996
Age 27 Years
Birth Place China
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Gender Male

Alan Stokes aka Stokesy is a Chinese-American personality on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Alan Stokes’s net worth has an estimated total of $5 Million as of 2024. He’s gained fame for creating videos and content on social media. One of the things he’s known for is being part of a YouTube channel called Sunset Park, which he runs together with his brother Andrew Davila. They make videos together and share them with their fans.

He is also a member of another YouTube group called Amp World, which was started by the famous social media star Brent Rivera. Alan and his brother also have their own YouTube channel called Stokes Twins, where they share more of their content.

Alan Stokes Biography & Education

In 2024, Alan Stokes was born on 23 November 1996, his age is 27 Years old. He was born and raised in China, and he is currently lives in Los Angeles, California. His nationality is a British-American and the zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Alan Stokes is of American-Chinese descent and he has believes in Catholic religion.

alan stokes childhood photo father
Alan Stokes Childhood Photo with his Father

He went to school in Hollywood, Florida, and later attended a private university there, where he graduated from. Ever since he was young, Alan dreamed of becoming a famous person in the United States. He started showing off his talents on his YouTube channel from a young age, working towards his goal of becoming a celebrity.

Family, Siblings, Girlfriend & Relationships

Alan Stokes’s parents include his dad, Mr. Stokes, who works as a businessman, and his mom, Mrs. Stokes, who is a homemaker.

alan stokes mother brother
Alan Stokes with his Mother and Brother

He has a twin brother named Alex Stokes, who is also a well-known YouTuber.

alan stokes twin brother
Alan Stokes with his Twin Brother (Alex Stokes)

Alan Stokes’s marital status is unmarried as of 2024. He’s currently single and there’s no information about his previous relationships.

Physical Appearance

Alan Stokes has beautiful green eyes that look different in various lights, making him stand out. Additionally, his hair is a nice chestnut brown color and falls casually around his face. Moreover, he has a tan from spending time outdoors, giving him a healthy glow.

Standing tall at 6 feet 1 inch height, Alan exudes a confident and friendly vibe. Furthermore, he’s in great shape from being active and dedicated to staying fit. This dedication shows in his strong and healthy appearance. Additionally, he carries his weight well and moves gracefully, showcasing how much he enjoys an active lifestyle.

Alan Stokes Net Worth Summary

As of 2024, Alan Stokes’s net worth has an estimated total of $5 Million. Alan Stokes is a popular Australian internet star who shares fun videos on TikTok and YouTube. He works together with his twin brother Alex Stokes. They make videos where they play tricks, do cool things, and show their daily lives.

They probably make money by working with brands, selling their own stuff like clothes, and showing ads online. Lots of people like to watch them because they do interesting things and act like regular people.


Alan Stokes, a renowned British YouTuber, gamer, and streamer, gained fame for his exceptional Minecraft content. Born in Northampton, England, in 1995, Stokes started creating YouTube videos at the age of 16 in 2011. Initially focused on Minecraft Let’s Plays, he later diversified into various gaming content, vlogs, and challenges, showcasing his versatile skills.

With a staggering 8.5 million subscribers and over 5 billion video views on his YouTube channel, Stokes has become a prominent figure in the gaming community. Recognized for his laid-back personality and humor, he is not only an entertaining gamer but also an educational content creator. His live gameplay on Twitch has further expanded his online presence.

As a pivotal member of the Sidemen, a renowned collective of British YouTubers famed for their gaming and challenge videos, Stokes has garnered widespread acclaim for his contributions. Notably, he was bestowed with the esteemed British Academy Games Award for YouTube Gamer of the Year in 2018. Moreover, his impactful presence in the gaming community has led to nominations for prestigious accolades such as the Streamy Award in the Gaming category.

Beyond his online success, Stokes is a philanthropist, actively raising funds for charities such as the Teenage Cancer Trust and the Special Olympics.

Stokes’s popularity extends globally, with a devoted fan base inspired by his content. His impact reaches beyond gaming, making him a role model for many. Stokes, positioned to sustain his success as a prominent YouTuber in the years ahead, may need to reduce the passive voice in his content.

Some of his most popular YouTube videos include engaging titles like “Minecraft But Every Block I Touch Explodes,” “100 Buttons Only 1 Saves You,” “Sidemen Hide and Seek in IKEA,” “The Ultimate Minecraft Ender Dragon Challenge,” and “Sidemen Try Not to Laugh Challenge.”

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