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Net Worth $20 Million
Name CoryxKenshin
Date of Birth 9 November 1992
Age 31 Years
Birth Place Detroit, Michigan, United States
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Gender Male

CoryxKenshin, whose real name is Cory DeVante Williams, is an American YouTuber and social media personality. CoryxKenshin’s net worth has an estimated total of $20 Million as of 2024. He gained fame for creating gaming videos on his YouTube channel.

CoryxKenshin is well-known for earning both the Silver and Gold YouTube Play Buttons, which are awards given by YouTube for reaching certain subscriber milestones. He has also collaborated with other popular YouTubers like Yamimash, LordMinon777, Muyskerm, and jacksepticeye in various projects.

CoryxKenshin Biography & Education

CoryxKenshin was born on 9 November 1992, his age is 31 Years old in 2024. He was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, United States and he is currently lives in Michigan, US. His nationality is an American and the zodiac sign is Scorpio. CoryxKenshin is of African American descent. He has believes in Christian religion.

coryxkenshin childhood photo
CoryxKenshin Childhood Photo

His educational journey took him to a local high school in Detroit, Michigan, where he completed his early schooling. Afterward, he pursued higher education at the University of Michigan, located in Michigan, United States, and successfully graduated from there.

CoryxKenshin has had a passion for online gaming since childhood, and he aspired to make a career as a professional gamer.

Family, Siblings, Girlfriend & Relationships

CoryxKenshin was born to parents Anthony K. Williams Jr. and Stephanie Williams. His father, Anthony K. Williams Jr., works as a businessman, while his mother, Stephanie Williams, is a housewife.

He has two siblings, his brother named Anthony Williams, who is also a well-known YouTuber. His sister named Aleya.

CoryxKenshin’s relationship status is unmarried as of 2024. He is single, and there is no information available about his past relationships.

Physical Appearance

CoryxKenshin is renowned not only for his good looks but also for his smart, handsome appearance. Moreover, his charming and dashing personality effortlessly draws in countless fans. Additionally, he boasts a strong and attractive physique with impressive body measurements, maintaining a normal body type.coryxkenshin

CoryxKenshin standing at approximately 6 feet 3 inches tall in height, CoryxKenshin weighs around 75 kilograms. Furthermore, his black hair and striking black eyes captivate and mesmerize his audience, making him a truly magnetic presence.

CoryxKenshin Net Worth Summary

CoryxKenshin’s net worth has an estimated total of $20 Million as of 2024. Notably, he primarily earns his income through his successful YouTube channel and various other business ventures. Moreover, his YouTube career and related activities have played a significant role in building his wealth.


CoryxKenshin started his YouTube journey in 2009 by posting Let’s Plays, showcasing his gameplay with funny commentary, especially focusing on horror games. His energetic and humorous style resonated with viewers, particularly those who enjoyed horror game content and his anime-inspired videos.


From 2015 to 2019, CoryxKenshin expanded his content, adding challenges, vlogs, and reaction videos. His wild reactions to challenges and internet trends attracted a wider audience, and he gained popularity for comedic skits and parodies, proving his versatility beyond gaming.

In the years 2020 to 2023, CoryxKenshin continued to experiment with new content like mukbangs, documentaries, and social commentary. While some of these experiments succeeded, others received mixed responses. He also faced challenges such as handling online negativity and adapting to YouTube’s algorithm changes affecting his channel’s visibility.

As of 2024, CoryxKenshin remains a significant figure in online entertainment with a dedicated fanbase. Despite obstacles, his fans appreciate his authenticity and willingness to try new things. Looking ahead, CoryxKenshin’s adaptability suggests he will keep entertaining audiences.

Key milestones include his channel’s creation in 2009 and the expansion of content in 2015. During 2017-2018, his channel grew significantly due to popular challenge and reaction videos. In 2023, CoryxKenshin excitedly shared news of a cameo role in the Five Nights at Freddy’s film adaptation, where he plays a taxi driver, further boosting his presence in entertainment.

CoryxKenshin’s journey reflects a creator evolving with YouTube’s changes, promising continued entertainment for his audience.

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