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Net Worth $1 Million
Name Spreen
Date of Birth 11 October 2000
Age 23 Years
Birth Place Santa Fe, Argentina, United States
Zodiac Sign Libra
Gender Male

Spreen, also known as Iván Raul Buhajeruk Fernandez, is an Argentinian YouTuber and social media personality. Spreen’s net worth has an estimated total of $1 Million as of 2024. He is known for uploading gameplay videos of popular games like Among Us and Minecraft on his YouTube channel, where he has garnered over 2.3 million subscribers.

Spreen actively engages with his fans by sharing daily life photos and selfies on his Instagram account, which has led to a substantial fan-following on the platform. His presence in the gaming and social media spheres has contributed to his net worth and popularity.

Spreen Biography & Education

Spreen was born on 11 October 2000, his age is 23 Years old in 2024. He was born and raised in Santa Fe, Argentina, United States, and he is still lives there. His nationality is an Argentina and the zodiac sign is Libra. He has believes in Christian religion.

spreen childhood photo
Spreen Childhood Photo

Spreen completed his early education at a local high school in Argentina. Following his high school education, he enrolled in a local university and successfully graduated.

From a young age, he had a passion for playing video games and dreamed of becoming a part of the entertainment industry. To pursue this dream, he started creating gaming videos, marking the beginning of his journey in the world of online entertainment.

Family, Siblings, Girlfriend & Relationships

Spreen’s father, Mr. Spreen, is a businessman by profession, and his mother, Mrs. Spreen, is a housewife.

Spreen’s marital status is unmarried as of 2024. He is single. There is no available information about his past relationships either, indicating that he keeps his personal life private.

Physical Appearance

Spreen is a young and handsome individual with a smart and charming personality. He possesses a strong and attractive physique with impressive body measurements and a normal body type.

Spreen standing height at around 5 feet and 8 inches (173 cm) tall in height, he maintains a body weight of approximately 65 kg. Spreen is known for his short and stylish brown hair that complements his overall appearance. His striking brown eyes add to his captivating and mesmerizing look.

Spreen Net Worth Summary

Spreen’s net worth has an estimated total of $1 Million as of 2024. He primarily earns his income through his various social media accounts, including YouTube, and potentially from other undisclosed sources. His presence and engagement on social media platforms contribute to his overall net worth.


Spreen began his YouTube journey in August 2015. Launching his channel, “SpreenDMC,” with engaging content centered around popular games like Minecraft and Among Us. His earliest videos featured gameplay highlights and strategies, tapping into the growing interest in gaming content on YouTube. One of his standout uploads was an Among Us gameplay video titled “I always walk flexing ‘down the street.” This video quickly gained traction and admiration from a broad audience.


As his channel evolved, Spreen demonstrated versatility by expanding beyond gaming. In January 2018, he showcased his creativity with a video set to the song “Candy Paint” by Post Malone. This video not only highlighted his editing skills but also signaled his willingness to experiment with different formats and content genres.

Over the years, Spreen’s channel grew steadily, attracting subscribers drawn to his entertaining and diverse content offerings. By consistently delivering engaging videos and leveraging popular games and music, Spreen cultivated a loyal following within the YouTube community.

In the competitive landscape of YouTube, Spreen’s ability to adapt to trends and experiment with content played a crucial role in his channel’s success. By leveraging the popularity of games like Minecraft and Among Us, he tapped into existing fan bases while also carving out his unique style and voice.

As of 2024, Spreen continues to evolve his channel. Likely exploring new games and content ideas to keep his audience engaged, his journey from gaming-centric uploads to creative video projects underscores the importance of creativity and adaptability in building a successful YouTube presence.

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