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simone ashley

Simone Ashley, also known as Simone Ashwini Pillai, is a British actress and model with a net worth of $3 Million as of 2024. She gained fame for her role as Kate Sharma in the 2021 hit series “Bridgerton.”

Her rise to fame started with the 2019 series “Sex Education” and the movie “Pokemon Detective Pikachu.” Additionally, apart from acting, she has made a mark in the fashion industry as a model.

Simone Ashley has showcased remarkable talent and versatility, propelling her to success in both the realms of acting and modeling. Her presence in the entertainment and fashion industries has solidified her as a prominent figure, earning recognition for her multifaceted skills. With a seamless blend of acting prowess and modeling finesse, Simone Ashley continues to make waves, leaving an indelible mark on the dynamic landscape of entertainment and fashion.

Simone Ashley Biography & Education

Simone Ashley, born on 30 March 1995, hails from Camberley, United Kingdom. A British national, she currently resides in London. At 28 years old in 2024, she embraces her Aries zodiac sign. Simone Ashley, of Indian-British descent, holds Christian beliefs.

Her educational journey began at the Redroofs Theatre School in Maidenhead, Berkshire, England, and Beaconsfield High School in Beaconsfield, England, for her early schooling. Simone further pursued her academic goals by enrolling at Arts Educational Schools in London, England, where she successfully completed her graduation. From a young age, Simone harbored a strong desire to become a popular actress and model in the industry.

Family, Siblings & Relationships

Simone Ashley was born to parents Gunasekharan Pillai and Latha Pillai. Her father, Gunasekharan Pillai, is a businessman, while her mother, Latha Pillai, is a housewife.

Simone has an elder brother named Sean Pillai.

As of 2024, Simone Ashley’s marital status is unmarried. She is in a relationship with Constantin “Tino” Klein.

simone ashley boyfriend
Simone Ashley with her Boyfriend

Physical Appearance

Simone Ashley is widely admired for her striking beauty and alluring personality. Known for her attractive features and charming smile, she often draws comparisons to a doll. Moreover, Simone has a gorgeous and curvaceous figure, with body measurements of approximately 34-26-36 inches, showcasing graceful proportions. Standing at 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing around 52 kg, she exudes elegance. Additionally, Simone’s long, shiny dark brown hair and captivating dark brown eyes complement her overall charm.

Simone Ashley Net Worth Summary

Simone Ashley, as of 2024, boasts a net worth of $3 million. Her income streams mainly come from acting, TV gigs, modeling, and diverse business endeavors. The talented artist’s triumphs in the entertainment and fashion sectors have significantly contributed to her financial accomplishments. Keep an eye out for more news on Simone Ashley’s flourishing career in entertainment and modeling.


Simone Ashley, a standout British actress, has garnered widespread recognition for her remarkable performances in popular television series and films. Additionally, widely known for her roles as Olivia Chan in “Sex Education” and Kate Sharma in “Bridgerton,” Simone’s journey in the entertainment world began at the Oxford School of Drama, where she graduated in 2016.

Her early career included appearances in the 2016 miniseries “Chickenhawk” and a recurring role in the soap opera “Doctors” in 2017. However, her breakthrough came in 2019 when she secured the role of Olivia Chan in the well-received Netflix series “Sex Education,” earning praise for her stellar performance.

In 2020, Simone took on the role of Kate Sharma in the Shondaland period drama “Bridgerton,” propelling her further into the spotlight. The series became a massive success, leading to Simone’s nomination for a Screen Actors Guild Award and solidifying her status in the industry.

Simone Ashley has significantly broadened her film career. She gained recognition with roles in the thriller “Miss World” (2021) and “The Invitation” (2022). Subsequently, in 2023, she took on the lead role in the action-packed “Red One.” Looking ahead, Ashley is poised to captivate audiences in upcoming films such as “Ticket to Paradise” and “Wicked Little Town.” With these diverse projects, she continues to showcase her versatility and talent in the dynamic world of cinema.

This rising star has quickly become a prominent figure in the British acting scene, thanks to her talent and versatility. Simone’s successful career and promising future in both television and film make her a notable name in the entertainment industry. With critical acclaim and commercial success behind her, Simone Ashley continues to shine, captivating audiences with her exceptional performances.