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mako komuro

Net Worth $5 Million
Name Mako Komuro
Date of Birth 23 October 1991
Age 32 Years
Birth Place Tokyo, Japan
Zodiac Sign Libra
Gender Female

Mako Komuro, formerly known as Princess Mako of Akishino, is a Japanese former member of the imperial family and art historian. Mako Komuro’s net worth has an estimated total of $5 Million as of 2024. In 2021, she married her childhood sweetheart, Kei, a lawyer, and had to give up her royal title due to the Imperial household law, which requires members to relinquish their titles upon marrying a commoner.

Notably, she declined a 1.4 million USD gift from the government usually given to departing royal family members. Despite stepping away from royalty, Mako remains active as a patron for various non-profit organizations.

In 2004, Mako gained internet fame, and since then, her life has taken a different path beyond the confines of royal duties.

Mako Komuro Biography & Education

Mako Komuro was born on 23 October 1991, her age is 32 Years old in 2024. She was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and she is still lives there. Her nationality is a Japanese and the zodiac sign is Libra. Mako Komuro is of Asian descent and she has belives in Christian religion.

Mako Komuro’s educational journey includes attending Gakushuin School for her schooling and pursuing English studies at University College Dublin. Mako completed her graduation in Art and Cultural Heritage from the International Christian University in Mitaka, Japan, in 2014. Additionally, she spent some time at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Mako holds a master’s degree in Art Museum and Gallery Studies from the University of Leicester in England. In 2016, she began her doctoral studies at the International Christian University. Her academic pursuits reflect her interest and dedication to the field of art and cultural heritage.

Family, Siblings, Husband & Relationships

Mako Komuro is the daughter of Prince Fumihito and Princess Kiko. Her father, Prince Fumihito, and mother, Princess Kiko, make her the granddaughter of Emperor emeritus Akihito and Empress emerita Michiko. Additionally, she is the niece of Emperor Naruhito.

Mako has two siblings: a sister named Princess Kako and a brother named Prince Hisahito. Her family is a part of the Japanese imperial household.

mako komuro family
Mako Komuro Family

Mako Komuro’s relationship status is married as of 2024. In October 2021, Mako Komuro, before turning 30, married her childhood sweetheart Husband named, Kei Komuro. The marriage stirred controversy, leading her to relinquish her royal title, as per Japanese law. Her husband, Kei, is a lawyer.

mako komuro husband
Mako Komuro with her Husband (Kei Komuro)

Due to Japanese law, Mako Komuro is set to move to the US, as she cannot reside in her parents home within the imperial quarters. This step is part of the changes in her life following her marriage and departure from the royal family.

Physical Appearance

Mako Komuro is renowned not just for her royal background but also for her striking appearance and appealing personality. Mako Komuro standing height at 5 feet 5 inches tall and weight approximately 53 kg, she possesses a well-sculpted body that adds to her overall charm.

Her brown hair and captivating brown eyes further contribute to her beauty. Mako gained significant attention and rose to fame in 2004 when she was spotted wearing a sailor fuku, a type of uniform. This moment became a notable highlight in her public presence, showcasing her style and capturing the interest of admirers.

Mako Komuro Net Worth Summary

Mako Komuro’s estimated net worth is $5 million as of 2024. Notably, she declined a $1.4 million government payout usually given to departing royals. Her wealth stems from family inheritance, reflecting her royal lineage, and Mako Komuro’s education and potential future career opportunities. Mako’s choice to lead a unique and self-reliant lifestyle showcases her determination to carve an independent path, distinct from traditional royalty.


Mako Komuro’s life took an intriguing turn, weaving through the intricate tapestry of Japan’s imperial family. Despite not being born a princess, her fate intertwined with royalty, navigating a childhood delicately balanced between the ordinary and extraordinary. Public appearances seamlessly mingled with a private education, shaping a young woman comfortable in both worlds.

Her intellectual pursuits shone brightly as Mako excelled in her studies. Gakushuin University witnessed her earning a degree in Art and Cultural Heritage, followed by a Master’s from the International Christian University. This academic journey hinted at a passion for museums and cultural preservation, foreshadowing a future beyond the palace walls.

Love blossomed unexpectedly when Mako, in 2012, crossed paths with Kei Komuro, a commoner studying law. Their six-year courtship captivated the public, challenging traditional norms about whom a princess could marry. Despite media scrutiny, their bond deepened, leading to a joyous engagement in 2017.

However, tradition demanded a hefty price for love. To wed Kei Komuro, Mako made the unprecedented decision to relinquish her imperial status and title, sending shockwaves through Japan and highlighting the evolving role of women within the monarchy.

In 2021, Mako and Komuro sealed their love in marriage, stepping away from the gilded cage of royalty into a life as ordinary citizens. Though no longer a princess, Mako’s legacy endures. Her courageous choice to prioritize love over title sets a precedent for future generations, reshaping the narrative of royal life in modern Japan.

Mako Komuro’s story transcends mere tabloid fodder; it’s a testament to the universal human desire for love, defying societal expectations and embracing personal choice. As she embarks on this new chapter, one can’t help but wonder about the remarkable stories her future holds, free from the constraints of a crown yet forever etched in the annals of Japanese history.

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