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Justine Ezarik (iJustine) – Age, Net Worth, Relationships, Family, Career and More

justine ezarik

Net Worth $3 Million
Name Justine Ezarik
Date of Birth 20 March 1984
Age 39 Years
Birth Place Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Gender Female

Justine Ezarik, widely known as iJustine, is an American YouTuber, host, author, actress, and social media personality. Justine Ezarik’s net worth has an estimated total of $3 Million as of 2024. She gained popularity for her lifecasting videos on channels such as Justin.tv and ijustine.tv, where she has millions of viewers and billions of views.

In addition to her online presence, Justine Ezarik has made appearances in various popular television series, including “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” “Criminal Minds,” “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and “The Vampire Diaries.” She is also recognized for her role in the YouTube Premium series titled “Escape the Night.” Her multifaceted career in entertainment has contributed to her net worth and made her a prominent figure in both traditional and digital media.

Justine Ezarik Biography & Education

Justine Ezarik was born on 20 March 1984, her age is 39 Years in 2024. She was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States and she is currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. Her nationality is an American and the zodiac sign is Pisces. Justine Ezarik is of Slovak descent and she has belives in Christian religion.

justine ezarik childhood photo
Justine Ezarik Childhood Photo

Her early education was completed at Bentworth High School in Pennsylvania, where she received her foundational education. Afterward, she pursued higher education at the Pittsburgh Technical College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, and graduated in the year 2004.

Notably, Justine Ezarik earned an annual scholarship from the Washington Chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals, showcasing her academic achievements. Additionally, during her school years, she and her sisters were talented volleyball players, highlighting their athletic abilities.

Family, Siblings & Relationships

Justine Ezarik was born to parents Steve Ezarik and Michelle Ezarik. Her father, Steve Ezarik, worked as a coal miner, while her mother, Michelle Ezarik, pursued a career as a physical education teacher.

Justine has two younger siblings. Her sisters named Breanne Ezarik and Jenna Ezarik, are both accomplished all-state volleyball players, showcasing their athletic talents.

justine ezarik sister
Justine Ezarik with her Sister (Jenna Ezarik)

Justine Ezarik’s marital status is unmarried as of 2024. She has been in relationships with individuals such as Ryan Wyatt (2012 – 2015), Justin Fishner-Wolfson (2008), and Brian Pokorny.

Physical Appearance

She is described as hot, gorgeous, and possessing an appealing and charming personality, along with a cute smile. Justine is noted for her curvaceous figure, with body measurements of approximately 34-24-34 inches, and she has a slim body type.

She stands at around 5 feet 3 inches tall and has a body weight of approximately 52 kilograms. Justine is known for her long and shiny dark brown hair, along with striking blue eyes that add to her captivating appearance. Additionally, her commitment to fitness is evident as she enjoys spending regular hours at the gym, maintaining her physical health and well-being. Beauty is subjective, and it’s wonderful to appreciate the positive qualities that individuals possess.

Justine Ezarik Net Worth Summary

Justine Ezarik’s net worth has an estimated total of $3 Million as of 2024. She gained fame as a popular YouTube personality, actress, and tech enthusiast, known for her tech-related content and vlogs.

Justine’s substantial wealth was built through her successful YouTube career, brand partnerships, and entrepreneurial ventures. Her multifaceted career in the digital space and technology industry contributed significantly to her financial success.


Justine Ezarik, also known as iJustine, embarked on her career with various roles and ventures before achieving fame on YouTube and in the tech world. Prior to her online endeavors, she worked in different jobs as a graphic designer and video editor.

In 2006, she was recognized as one of the finalists in the Yahoo! Talent Show. Her journey into the tech and internet world continued in 2007 when she made her television debut in the popular series “The Kill Point,” alongside actors like John Leguizamo and Donnie Wahlberg.

That same year, she started hosting the internet television shows “MacBreak” and “MacBreak Weekly” with Leo Laporte. In addition, she launched her lifecasting channel titled “iJustine,” where she shared her life experiences and activities on the internet.

Justine also became known for her involvement in promoting Apple products, including the iPhone, and she covered events like the iPhone’s debut at the Mall of America. In 2007, she created a viral video titled “300-page iPhone bill,” which garnered over 8 million total views on various video sharing platforms.

Her career expanded further in 2009 when she appeared in the popular television series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” She went on to make appearances in numerous other TV shows such as “The Price Is Right,” “Criminal Minds,” “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “Escape Routes,” “The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange,” and more.

Justine also ventured into the world of movies, with roles in films like “The House That Drips Blood on Alex,” “The Wedding Ringer,” “Lazer Team,” “Sharknado: The 4th Awakens,” and others.

In addition to her television and film roles, she was featured in popular web series like “The Annoying Orange,” “The Station,” “Video Game High School,” “The Guild,” “YouTube Rewind,” “MyMusic,” “Escape the Night,” “Good Mythical Morning,” “Linus Tech Tips,” “Sorted Food,” and many more.

In 2015, Justine released her book titled “I, Justine,” which allowed her to share her experiences and insights with her audience. In 2016, she was announced as a boardroom advisor to Arnold Schwarzenegger on the reality game show “The New Celebrity Apprentice.” Her diverse range of roles and ventures has solidified her presence in the entertainment and tech worlds.