fgteev duddy

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fgteev duddy

Net Worth $38 Million
Name FGTeeV Duddy
Date of Birth 29 October 1974
Age 49 Years
Birth Place United States
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Gender Male

FGTeeV Duddy, also known as Vincent Ryan, is an American who makes videos and posts on the internet. He shares fun stuff on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and other places. FGTeeV Duddy’s net worth has an estimated total of $38 Million as of 2024. He’s really famous for his YouTube channel called FV Family, where his whole family does fun things.

He also has his own YouTube channel called FGTeeV where he puts up videos of him playing games and talking about his life. Besides YouTube, he’s also liked by many people on different social media sites. He has a bunch of fans who follow him and enjoy what he does.

FGTeeV Duddy Biography & Education

FGTeeV Duddy was born on 29 October 1974, his age is 49 Years old in 2024. He was born and raised in United States. His nationality is an American and the zodiac sign is Scorpio. He has believes in Christian religion.

When he was a kid, he went to a regular school in the US. Later, he went to a private university and finished his studies there. Even when he was young, he always wanted to be famous, like a big star in the US. So, he started making videos where he talks about his life and plays games. He put these videos on different websites where people can watch them. This is how he showed his talents to everyone.

Family, Siblings, Wife & Relationships

FGTeeV Duddy was born to parents Tom Carter and Jody Carter. His father’s name is Tom Carter, is a well-known businessperson, while his mother’s name is, Jody Carter, takes care of their home.

fgteev duddy mother
FGTeeV Duddy with his Mother

He also has two sisters named Heidi Carter and Elyssa Carter.

FGTeeV Duddy’s relationship status is married as of 2024. He is married to Samantha, who is also a famous YouTuber.

They have a lovely family with four kids: a daughter named Alexis Ryan, and three sons named FGTeeV Mike, FGTeeV Chase, and FGTeeV Shawn. They enjoy making videos and sharing their fun moments with their fans on the internet.

fgteev duddy daughter
FGTeeV Duddy with his Daughter
fgteev duddy family
FGTeeV Duddy Family

Physical Appearance

FGTeeV Duddy, also known as Vincent Carter, is a friendly and exciting online creator. He has lovely hazel eyes that show he’s warm and curious. His hair is dark brown and goes well with his friendly attitude. His skin has a nice tan, showing he likes being active outdoors.

He’s quite tall, around 6 feet 2 inches, and when he’s on screen, he really stands out. He stays fit and energetic, which you can see from how he acts on camera. FGTeeV Duddy’s looks match his fun videos that families enjoy, making him a great entertainer online.

FGTeeV Duddy Net Worth Summary

FGTeeV Duddy’s net worth has an estimated total of $38 Million as of 2024. FGTeeV Duddy, also known as Vincent Carter, is a famous YouTuber who creates fun videos about games families can enjoy together. Lots of people watch his cool videos online, and he’s a big deal in the world of fun stuff on the internet. Just remember, he’s a guy who makes awesome videos and has become super famous and rich because of it!


FGTeeV Duddy has become a beloved online personality, captivating young audiences with his journey from Minecraft creations to YouTube stardom. Beginning in 2011, Duddy, initially known as “FGTEEV,” started by sharing Minecraft Let’s Play videos with his wife, Samantha, and their dog, Chomper. Their laughter-filled adventures quickly gained popularity, turning their channel into a sensation as they built impressive structures and faced pixelated challenges.

As their fan base grew, Duddy and Samantha expanded their content to include games like Fortnite and Roblox, involving their growing family with sons Julian and Shawn. The family-centric approach made their channel a go-to destination for wholesome entertainment that both parents and kids could enjoy together.

FGTeeV Duddy goes beyond gaming, showcasing musical talents through entertaining music parodies featuring his family. Their vlogs provide a glimpse into their real lives, further connecting with their audience.

Duddy is not just an entertainer but a positive force. He actively promotes kindness, positivity, and individuality, using his platform for charity streams and supporting various causes.

With over 20 million subscribers and billions of views, FGTeeV Duddy remains a YouTube powerhouse. His ability to adapt to trends, commitment to family-friendly content, and infectious positivity ensure a bright future for him in the online realm, mirroring the vibrant worlds he conquers in pixels.

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