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Carol Chaves, also known as Ana Carolina ‘Carol’ Chaves, is a well-known social media personality from Brazil. She gained fame through platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Carol Chaves’s net worth has an estimated total of $0.5 Million as of 2024.

Carol is famous for creating content focused on relationship advice and funny lip-sync and comedy videos on TikTok. She has amassed millions of followers on her TikTok account, itsCarolChaves, making her a popular figure among young people on social media.

In addition to TikTok, Carol is active on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms, where she continues to engage with her audience and share entertaining content.

Carol Chaves Biography & Education

Carol Chaves was born on 16 August 1999, her age is 24 Years old in 2024. She was born and raised in Brazil and she is currently lives in Orlando, Florida, United States. Her nationality is a Brazilian and the zodiac sign is Aries. Carol Chaves is of Brazilian, Polish descent and she has belives in Christian religion.

She attended a local high school and later graduated from a university in Brazil. From a young age, Carol has been passionate about sports and other activities outside of school. She dreamed of becoming a well-known celebrity, so she began her online journey early on.

Family, Siblings, Boyfriend & Relationships

Carol Chaves was born to parents Reginaldo Chaves and Ana Luiza Lanna Chaves. Her dad, Reginaldo Chaves, is a businessman, while her mom, Ana Luiza, is a dedicated homemaker.

Carol has a brother named Ryan Chaves.

As of 2024, Carol Chaves’s relationship status is engaged. Carol Chaves is dating her Boyfriend named Caleb Wilber, a popular figure in social media circles. They got engaged in December 2023.

carol chaves fiance
Carol Chaves with her Fiance (Caleb Wilber)

Physical Appearance

Carol Chaves is a stunning woman, radiating beauty and charisma. With a curvaceous figure boasting measurements of approximately 32-26-34 inches, standing height at around 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighing around 56 kg, she’s an embodiment of grace and allure. Carol’s long, light blonde hair and captivating green eyes add to her enchanting appeal.

Carol Chaves Hathaway Net Worth Summary

Carol Chaves’s net worth has an estimated total of $0.5 Million as of 2024. Her income primarily comes from her involvement in the entertainment industry. This includes earnings from her projects, investments, endorsements, and other financial endeavors. It’s important to note that her net worth may change over time due to factors such as new career opportunities and financial decisions.


Carol Chaves kickstarted her journey as a TikTok sensation back in March 2020, captivating audiences with her hilarious comedy skits, relatable Point-of-View content, and insightful videos on maintaining healthy relationships. Her charm and wit quickly earned her a massive following, establishing her as one of social media’s most beloved figures.

Expanding beyond TikTok, Carol gracefully extended her influence to platforms like Instagram, where she shares captivating photos, engaging IGTV content, and entertaining reels, further solidifying her presence in the digital realm.

On her self-titled YouTube channel, Carol treats her subscribers to a diverse range of content, including pranks, personal vlogs, and insightful Q&A sessions. Some of her most popular videos include “I’M TALKING TO YOUR EX PRANK ON BEST FRIEND (gone wrong),” “IGNORING THE BOYS FOR 24H…NOT A PRANK,” and “FLIRTING WITH MY CRUSH FOR 24 HOURS pt.2 (gone right).”

With an array of engaging content and an ever-growing fanbase, Carol Chaves continues to captivate audiences with her authenticity, humor, and relatability. From heartwarming moments to hilarious antics, her content resonates with viewers of all ages, making her a beloved figure in the world of social media.

Whether she’s sharing candid moments from her daily life or pulling off elaborate pranks, Carol Chaves remains a beacon of positivity and entertainment in the digital landscape, leaving her mark as a true influencer in every sense of the word.

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