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benson boone

Benson Boone, also known as Benson James Boone, is an American singer, TikToker, and songwriter. Benson Boone net worth has an estimated total of $1 Million as of 2024. He’s known for sharing comedy and singing videos on his TikTok account under the username “bensonboone,” where he has amassed over 2.3 million followers.

Aside from TikTok, Benson has also gained significant popularity and a large fan base on various other social media platforms.

Benson Boone Biography & Education

Benson Boone was born on 25 June 2002, his age is 21 Year old in 2024. He was born and raised in Monroe, Washington, United States, and he is currently lives in Los Angeles, California. His nationality is an American and the zodiac sign is Cancer. Benson Boone is of Caucasian descent and he has believes in Christian religion.

His early education took place at Monroe High School in the United States. Following high school, Benson enrolled at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. However, he decided to leave after one semester to fully focus on his singing career. Since childhood, Benson harbored a passion for singing, and he started creating singing videos to pursue his dream. He actively participated in various musical events during his school years.

Family, Siblings & Relationships

Benson Boone comes from a tight-knit family. He was born to parents Nate Boone and Kerry Boone. His dad, Nate Boone, is a successful businessman, while his mom, Kerry Boone, is a dedicated housewife. The Boones prioritize family values and support each other in their endeavors.

benson boone mother
Benson Boone with his Mother

He has four siblings, including two elder sisters named Natalee Boone and Kaylee Boone. He also has two younger sisters.

As of 2024, Benson Boone remains unmarried. He is currently single, and there is no information about his past relationships or wife.

Physical Appearance

Benson Boone is a young, handsome guy with a charming personality. He has a strong and attractive physique, Benson Boone height standing at 5 feet 8 inches tall and weight around 68 kilograms. He sports short, stylish brown hair and striking blue eyes.

Benson Boone Net Worth Summary

Benson Boone net worth is $1 million As of 2024, primarily sourced from his social media platforms and other undisclosed revenue streams. Additionally, he generates a significant income through his musical performances and concerts.


Benson Boone’s musical journey began before his official 2021 debut, likely starting in his early years from 2012 to 2020. During this time, he likely honed his musical skills, performed locally, and built a foundation for his career. Benson probably used platforms like YouTube and TikTok to share his music, gradually gaining an online following.

In 2021, Benson’s breakthrough came with the release of his debut single, “Ghost Town,” which gained massive popularity on TikTok. Artist Partner Group (APG) signed him in April 2021, providing professional support. Subsequent releases like “Lonely Ghost” and the “Walk Me Home” EP in August 2021 further solidified his position.

The year 2022 saw Benson’s mainstream success with the release of “Stay,” a chart-topping single that propelled him to new heights. His debut album, “Infrared,” dropped in April 2022, receiving positive reviews and contributing to his growing fame. Throughout the year, Benson likely toured extensively, performing at festivals and selling out headlining shows.

In 2023, Benson continued to release new music, collaborating with different artists to showcase his versatility. Ongoing touring and engagement with fans on social media remained a priority, contributing to his sustained momentum in the industry.

As of early 2024, Benson is anticipated to be focusing on creating new music, potentially working on his next album or exploring various creative projects. He may also be planning future tours, collaborations, or special endeavors to maintain his presence in the competitive music scene. Overall, Benson Boone’s career is characterized by a strategic progression from local performances and social media presence to chart-topping singles, albums, and extensive touring, showcasing his evolution as a prominent artist in the music industry.