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alexei navalny

Net Worth $55 Million
Name Alexei Navalny
Date of Birth 4 June 1976
Age 47 Years
Birth Place Butyn’, Russia
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Male

Alexei Navalny, also known as Alexei Anatolievich Navalny, was a prominent Russian lawyer, opposition leader, anti-corruption activist, and politician, holds a significant reputation, often referred to as ‘the man Vladimir Putin fears the most’ according to The Wall Street Journal. Alexei Navalny’s net worth had an estimated total of $55 Million as of 2024.

Navalny has actively organized demonstrations, run for political office, and advocated for reforms against corruption in Russia, particularly targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin and his government. He is a member of the Russian opposition Coordination Council, the founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), and the leader of the ‘Russia of the Future’ party. Navalny’s efforts have made a considerable impact on Russian politics, earning him recognition both nationally and internationally.

Alexei Navalny Biography & Education

Alexei Navalny was born on (4 June 1976 – 16 February 2024), his age was 47 Years old at the time his death. He was born and raised in Butyn’, Russia. His nationality is a Russian and the zodiac sign is Gemini. He has believes in Christian religion.

His educational journey included studying at the People’s Friendship University of Russia, where he graduated with a law degree in 1998. Navalny continued his studies at the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation, specializing in securities and exchanges. Additionally, he received a scholarship from Yale University, further expanding his academic pursuits.

Family, Siblings, Wife & Relationships

Alexei Navalny was born to parents Anatoly Navalny and Lyudmila Navalnaya. His father, Anatoly Navalny, and mother, Lyudmila Navalnaya, have been running a basket-weaving factory in the village of Kobyakovo since 1994.

Navalny has one sibling, a younger brother named Oleg Navalny, who is a Russian entrepreneur.

Alexei Navalny’s relationship status was married as of 2024. Alexei Navalny married to his wife Yulia Navalnaya, a Russian public figure and economist, Navalny and Yulia tied the knot in the year 2000. Yulia is often referred to as the ‘First Lady’ of the Russian opposition and is seen as a hypothetical candidate for leadership positions within the opposition, including the FBK, State Duma, and even the presidency of the country.

alexei navalny wife
Alexei Navalny with his Wife

The couple has two children: a daughter named Daria Navalnaya and a son named Zahar Navalny.

alexei navalny family
Alexei Navalny Family

Physical Appearance

Alexei Navalny is often described as a smart and dashing politician in Russia. With a decent body build, he presents himself as a young and dynamic figure in the political landscape. Maintaining a clean-shaven look, Navalny has a light complexion that adds to his overall appearance.

Alexei Navalny standing at an impressive height of 6 feet and 2 inches tall, Navalny carries himself with a commanding presence. His body weight is reported to be around 80 kg, contributing to a well-maintained physique. Navalny’s brown hair and beautiful green eyes complete his striking and charismatic look. His overall demeanor and physical attributes have contributed to his popularity and presence in Russian politics.

Alexei Navalny Net Worth Summary

Alexei Navalny’s net worth had an estimated total of $55 Million as of 2024. His primary sources of income are attributed to his various positions within his political party and likely other associated activities. Navalny’s involvement in Russian politics and leadership roles contributes to his financial standing.


Alexei Navalny is a well-known figure in Russia, recognized for his role as an opposition leader, anti-corruption advocate, and lawyer. His journey began in 1998 when he graduated as a lawyer from the Russian State Law Academy.

Alexei Navalny first caught the public’s attention through his blog, where he fearlessly exposed corruption within Russian politics and business. His bold stance against high-profile figures earned him a reputation as a relentless anti-corruption crusader.

In 2011, Alexei Navalny played a crucial part in anti-government protests following disputed parliamentary elections. He coined the term “party of crooks and thieves” to describe the ruling United Russia party, becoming a rallying point for the opposition.

Taking his activism a step further, Navalny ran for Moscow mayor in 2013, overcoming obstacles and securing an impressive 27% of the vote. This underscored growing discontent with the ruling regime.

Alexei Navalny’s impact deepened through his investigative work. His Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) exposed high-profile corruption cases, implicating top Russian officials and oligarchs. Investigations into the lavish lifestyles of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle were particularly noteworthy.

However, Alexei Navalny’s activism has come at a personal cost. Facing arrests, legal challenges, and physical attacks, he briefly served time in 2018 for organizing unauthorized protests. In August 2020, he fell seriously ill due to poisoning attributed to a nerve agent. After treatment in Germany, he returned to Russia in January 2021, only to be arrested upon arrival.

Alexei Navalny arrest triggered widespread protests in Russia, with thousands demanding his release and condemning government repression. Despite legal challenges and threats, Navalny has remained resilient, using his trials as platforms to speak out against corruption and authoritarianism.

Navalny’s influence extends beyond Russia’s borders, gaining international support. He symbolizes resistance against political oppression and corruption, inspiring many to challenge the status quo. His career reflects an unwavering commitment to justice, transparency, and democratic values despite facing significant adversity.

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